More Pictures and Videos

The Hood System must be completely clean before any installation can begin. We make sure there is no grease in the system, fan, duct, hood and trough. Next we dry the hood and immediately begin to install the Grease Lock system that same night.  
The installer is now Tog welding the Stainless steel strip to the top and bottom of the hood so the Grease Lock Filters will be held in place. Safety is practiced here by wearing a helmet to protect their eyes from the bright weld.

In this Grease lock picture you can see that the dining area and the hood system are in the same room. The Grease Lock System controls the smoke, odor and grease from the people dining.

Here you can see that the filters are ready to be replaced above the grill station.

This is a Grease Lock System under a Captive Aire System above a Flat Top Grill

At this Applebee's Location we have a Salamander and Flat Top Grill below the filters.

The image to the left shows the maximum grease a Grease Lock Filter can handle. Just remember none of this grease you see on the filter is going through to the baffle filters, ducts, fans, laying on your roof or spraying down onto the customer's cars in the parking lot. This will save you the cost of replacing a roof or a fan from normal wear and tear. Also the air conditioner won't have any grease in the combs which will result in less PMs for the HVAC person too. It might not be the prettiest thing in the kitchen but the advantages outweigh this ugly brown "green" filter. This is a biodegradable filter, when they are coated in grease you just toss them into your dumpster, simple as that.