The Grease Stops Here

Grease is a terrible thing to keep in your kitchen exhaust hoods, filters, ducts and fans over a long period of time. We have taken over many customers with grease build up because either they have neglected this over a long time or they failed a fire marshal inspection. Sometimes, the insurance company for the restaurant needs proof of the system being certificated and cleaned so we get a call. The risk of not cleaning your hood system can result in a fire, lawsuits, insurance companies and everyone blaming everybody else. Grease will actually turn rock hard if it sits on the ducts too long, when this happens only manual scraping can remove it. So if you are not getting your hoods system cleaned on a regular basis please look at these pictures below and hope this is not going to happen to you. Just like everything else in life, maintaining a system of any sort will save you money in the long run. "Pay me a little now on a regular basis or pay me a whole bunch by putting off preventive maintenance in the short term." These pictures are actual jobs we cleaned in PA.

This is Chinese grease from an exhaust fan in a mall.

This is a fire waiting to happen on this stove top burner.

This is hamburger grease with a screw driver stuck into it. You are looking at an opened access panel that we inspect and clean up inside the duct work above the hood system.

This is a steak house duct which the grease turned rock hard. The opening begins to close up which the exhaust fumes and smoke will start to reverse back to the hood system to start a fire.

Grease coating this 500 degree linkage located below the duct opening above the grill will weaken the s hook linkage and release the fire suppression chemical over the entire kitchen equipment.

This is our crew with Robert Irwin when we cleaned a restaurant with him on Food Network on the Restaurant Impossible TV show.