Grease Containment

We offer several types of Grease Containment based on what you are currently using. Several options that Grease Stop offers are:

  1. Grease Stop buckets with oil pad
  2. Grease Box
  3. Omni 360 degree containment system with sock
  4. Grease Guard

Grease Stop buckets with oil pads

Grease Box System

Grease Stop buckets, our own design, with the oil absorbing pad are used for several types of restaurants such as: McDonald's, Burger Kings, Ruby Tuesdays,
Sonic Drive-Ins and Olive Gardens. The installation is at no cost to you. You will only pay $20 for the pad replacements, 1 pad per bucket.

Omni 360 degree containment
system with sock

Grease Guard

The Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems are so effective at containing grease and oils from rooftop exhaust fans that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has listed it for effectiveness and safety. This is the most oil absorbent, noncombustible, rainproof, structurally sound and closed grease containment system on the market today. The Grease Guard and Drip Guard are comprised of a patented fiber filter system that absorbs and traps grease and oil, keeping them off the roof.