J.B. Dawson’s Restaurant & Bar
Austin’s Restaurant & Bar


Greg Fisher;

All too often, in both our industries, we hear from our customers only when there is a problem. I am happy to say that I am sending this to you to merely express my gratitude for your service and products. Since doing business with you and your company over the last several years we have always been impressed with the dedication of your entire team. The ownership that all your crews demonstrate is quite amazing.�The Owner and I look forward to the digital pictures (and sometimes short clips) that you send on the CD. It is a great feeling to actually see the work being done as well as the pride taken by the crew. The roofs have never been cleaner and the overall process makes sense. As you know our old system was a “padded” collar around the hood that was quarter turned on a regular basis. The problem was that the grease sat on this pad on the roof almost a full year until a new pad was installed. Each time it rained the pad overflowed and grease got on the roof, your crew can attest to this. Your system makes sense because the box holds up under weather and more importantly you service it monthly. I also appreciate the fair pricing for all your services include the “power-washing” of our dumpster pads and all our roofs. Please share this note to all the crews that have had a hand in our service, they do a fantastic job!


Marc DiGiovanni

ABCO Fire Protection Inc. is currently using Grease Stop LLC for the past several years and has been very pleased with their hood cleaning abilities. All work performed for ABCO Fire by Grease Stop has been done at a very professional level and in a very timely fashion. To date, ABCO has never had an issue with the performance or quality of work of Industrial Grease Stop and will continue to call on Greg Fisher, who is President of Grease Stop whenever we have a hood clean need that must be  done quickly and professionally. Greg and his company  Grease Stop is the only company we will consider!

Jack Kotula
Restaurant  Sales Manager
ABCO Fire Protection Inc

Director of Development

To whom it may concern:

My business has been very satisfied with Grease Stop.  Phenomenal customer service, great attitudes, brilliant work ethic, and overall diligence and competence.  My venue has been well maintained from the moment we decided on Grease Stop.  I would gladly recommend them to any other Restaurant or business.

Thank you.
Anthony Burgio
General Manager
Melt Restaurant

We love the Grease Lock filters. Their saying, “the grease stops here” really works. We have been using the Grease Lock System for almost one year at our school in the kitchen. We also had one inspection service done by Grease Stop. They took pictures of a comb depth gauge to measure the grease in the hood, duct and fan. There was none. It looked like it was cleaned yesterday and that was 6 months ago.�The filters are biodegradable so we just toss them in the dumpster when grease starts to drip through the back. I feel that our fans will last much longer now and we have no worry about grease getting up on our steep roof or grease getting into the air condition combs. Less maintenance,�less hood cleaning, and no threat of fire since they don’t burn.�It was a great investment. Thank you Grease Stop.

Mark DePaoli
Director of General Services
St Gabriel’s Hall in Audubon